Welcome to the site! Complementary treatment for children with cerebral palsy based on virtual reality. It is presented a new virtual environment to be used as complementary tool for children's rehabilitation treatment with cerebral palsy. The integration between the child and the virtual environment occurs through leap motion sensor, and Mindwave sensor responsible for the hand motions and measuring the level of attention, respectively, during the carrying out of an activity.  
Virtual Enviroment
The Virtual Enviromnent called REHAB FUN, where the pacients can used for a complementary treartment in Rehabilitation for children.
WEB analysis
WEB site for specialists for following evolution

Current Team

Victor Hugo Albuquerque
Victor Hugo Albuquerque

Prof. Victor is the leader of Computational Methods in Bioinformatics Research Group and Professor of the Graduate Program in Applied Informatics, and coordinator of the Laboratory of Bioinformatics at the University of Fortaleza (UNIFOR)

    Juliana Oliveira
    Juliana Oliveira

    Research area in Assistive technologies with virtual reality focused on the health and education area and member of the research group COMPUTATIONAL METHODS IN BIOINFORMÁTICA, University of Fortaleza.

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